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Sticks and Stones

''I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.' -Albert Einstein

Seven days after a limited nuclear exchange has irradiated most of Russia and the United States, Soviets roll across the West German border, eager to claim precious non-irradiated ground for the Politburo. American armor stationed at the border rushes forward to meet them, and World War IV begins, fought with much more than Einstein's sticks and stones.

Game Map

Original Map

Abrams Tank in Combat

Abrams Tank in Combat

Soviet BMP in Combat

Soviet BMP in attack

STICKS and STONES is a one(play against AI) or two player tactical simulation of the post nuclear Soviet invasion of Germany during the cold war era.



''We have only to kick in the door and the whole rotten structure will come crashing down.'' - Adolf Hitler

''Not one foot of our land will be given to the enemy.'' -Joseph Stalin

In June of 1941 the largest single land war ever, was started. Millions of men were engaged on a front over 1500 miles long as the forces of Germany invaded Soviet Russia. This titanic struggle would decide the outcome of the second world war.

Game Start

Army Group North

German Combat

Army Group Centre

Panzers Exploit to attack Headquarters

Army Group South

BLITZKRIEG'41 is a one(play against AI) or two player operational/strategic simulation of the German Army's invasion of Soviet Russia in June 1941 through March 1942.


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Bastogne Breakout

On the Morning of December 16th the 47th Panzer corp of the General Hasso von Mantefeuffel's 5th Panzer army had lined up stealthily behind the Our River in Belgium.

Panzer Lehr and the Second Panzer divisions were to break through the thinly held line to takes the towns of Wiltz and Bastogne.

After securing the towns, they would reform and advance unto the Meuse as part of operation Wacht Am Rhein.

Seventh Infantry army would provide flank support to the south and Sixth Panzer Army would provide support on the North.

Fritz Falls for a Nurse

Fritz Bayerlien Card

Introduction to Scenario

Games Start Intro Scenario

Panzers Attempt Overruns

German First Turn Movement

Bastogne Breakout is a one(play against AI) or two player tactical simulation of the attempt to breakout past Bastogne. Each turn is a day, each hex is a mile and units are regments and battalions.

  • The computer Hex and counter game covers the battle till December 25th and attempts to recreate all of the unknowns involved.
  • Will the Germans capture the bridges before they are blown?
  • Can the Americans slow them down?
  • Can Fritz Bayerlien commander of Panzer Lehr find true love?
  • Can General Hasso von Mantefeuffel use his influence to obtain more artillery Ammunition?
  • Can Otto Skorzeny turn all the road signs backwards?
  • Can General Patton turn the third Army around to intercept?
  • All the variables are simulated with drawn card that can be played by the opposing players.


  • Game available on Steam
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In late 1944, in the wake of the allied forces' successful D-Day invasion, it seemed as if WWII was all but over. On December 16, with the onset of winter, the German army launched a surprise counteroffensive through the densely forested Ardennes that was intended to cut through the Allied forces in a manner that would, the Germans hoped, turn the tide of the war in their favor. You can call it Unternehmen Wacht am Rhein ("Operation Watch on the Rhine"), Bataille des Ardennes ("Battle of the Ardennes"), or the Ardennes Counteroffensive, but it is best known today as the "Battle of the Bulge".

Game Start

Game splashscreen and
Start menu

German Combat

German Combat to clear a gap for Panzer exploitation

Panzers Exploit to attack Headquarters

Panzer exploitation attack on Allied HeadQuarters

WinterThunder is a one(play against the AI) or two player hot seat operational-level simulation of this famous battle.



Field Marshall Von Manstein:     " It is one of the few cases where an army was still able to operate independently in a segregated theatre of war, left to its own devices and free of interference from the Supreme Command. If was a campaign which, in few months of incessant figthing, included both offensive and defensive battles, mobile warfare with full freedom of action, a headlong pursuit operation, landings by an enemy in control of the sea and an assault on a powerfully defended fortress "

Game Start

Game Start

German Setup

German Setup

Soviet Defense in Sevastopol

Soviet Defense

Krim is a one(play against AI) or two player operational/strategic simulation of the German 11th Army's operations in the Crimean Peninsula from late October 1941 through 4 July 1942.


About Us.

The best team in the world.

When I was winding down my Computer Consulting business I needed something to do that would keep me in the programmimng aspect of it. My First Wargame had been Guadalcanal by Avalon Hill and I decided to create a computer version of that. I had played the game using Aide de Camp 2 and got permission to use graphics created for Guadalcanal. I was familiar with Microsoft .Net and used that to create the game. As the game progressed I tried to get permision for licensing but this proved to be futile.

I then created a new game called Tropical Nightmare with my own graphics and rules. It was loosely based on Guadalacanal. I chose the Unity Platform to develop the game. Unfortunatly the game suffered from scope creep and continued to get bigger and bigger. I also found the Unity platform not to my liking. Its a black box and parts of it were hard to figure out how it worked.

I had bought a PNP version of WinterThunder from Tiny Battle publications and contacted Mark Walker to see if I could do the computer version. He said go ahead and provided support when I needed it. the program is written in Java and uses the Libgdx game platform. WinterThunder should be published this year

While working on WinterThunder I came in contact with Lance from YOBOWARGAMES. He gave me quite a bit of advice and asked if I wanted to collaborate on a game. The result is Krim.


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