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Release date:
July 31, 2023 PC Itch.IO
Steam September 30

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Bastogne Breakout: is a Hex and Counter computer simulation of control of the road network around Bastogne during the Battle of the Bulge in world war 2. Hexes are 1 mile across, game turns are 1 day each and units are on the regimental scale. The player controls the German side against the AI or controls both sides in Hot Seat mode. Playing Cards are selected at the start and affect play and balance.

Release contains all the Scenarios

  1. Drive on Basogne and Wiltz. The German objective is to control the hexes at Bastogne and Wiltz. It is an introduction to game play that is over in 6 turns.
  2. Second Panzer goes west. This will require the German player to exit all of the units of the second Panzer off of the west edge of the map. There is strict timetable to be met. To win the Germans can not lose any units and follow the timetable. Game is 8 turns.
  3. Bastogne Breakout. Both the Second Panzer and Panzer Lehr divisions must exit off of the west edge of the map. There is strict timetable to be met. To win the Germans can not lose many units from the divisions and follow the timetable.Game is 8 turns.
  4. History

    After the release of WinterThunder Bruin Bear Games decided to create a more naunced version of the Battle of the Bulge. More detail, better graphics and more sophisticated game flow.


    • Allied Cards to blow bridges.
    • Allied Card to stop the Panzer Lehr because general Friz Bayerlein has fallen for a captured US nurse.
    • Allied Card for General Patton to Order a prayer for good weather so more air power is available.
    • Allied Card to stop Second Panzer Division because of aggressive action of the M18 hellcats of Team Desobry of the 10th Armor Division.
    • Allied Card to accelerate movement of the Second Panzer to the Meuse.
    • German Card to prevent blown bridge by Operation Grief's Otto Skorzeny's group.
    • German Card to change road sign posts by Operation Grief's Otto Skorzeny's group.
    • German Card to double the Artilley ammunition.
    • German Card to Fix a blown bridge.
    • German Card to capture Houffalize and use it as a supply dump.
    • Real time changes to the Units strength and movement capabilites depending on game play.
    • Dynamic German supply




download all screenshots & photos as .zip (29MB)
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About Bruin BearGames

As Bruin Bear Games we strive to create Hex and Counter wargames that are easy to understand and provide a history lesson. The games should be both fun and educational. We try to put the player in the situation of the commanders. Facing the same decisions they did. The mechanics of the game should be mastered in a couple of sessions.

Bastogne Breakout Credits

Casey Bruyn
Designer, Programming, Test

Vitus 'LeLanglacier' Brasser
Map Artist

Charlie Chiarelli

Yobo Wargames